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White Label Payment Gateway Platform provides state of the art, white label payment gateway solutions – essential infrastructural component in the card not-present industry. Also, by being your access point to the global market, White Label Payment Gateway Platform represents your bridge between merchants and financial institutions.

Our experienced IT Team develops and supports a payment platform for your business, provides technical support and consults your staff and clients on any questions regarding the payment platform usage. So, our up-to-date API documentation and libraries have everything necessary for fast and easy integration of your clients’ online shops or mobile apps with your payment platform.


Payment gateway development as white label processing solution for Payment service providers and Acquirers. WLPG is an experienced team of specialists in payment gateway developing and support for e-commerce market and other market.

Our History

Build trust and protect your business with safe, fast & convenient checkout experiences. Use this white label to adapt your payment processes and drive sales in 2021. Team of professional intellects to manage and deliver the needs of our global customers. To provide diversified innovative and cost-effective payment solutions to our customers and partners worldwide.

Our Mission

To establish the best-in-class integrated payments business with continuous and progressive innovation to create values for our customers and partners globally. To provide diversified innovative and cost-effective payment solutions to our customers and partners worldwide. Team of professional intellects to manage and deliver the needs of our global customers.

Who we are

To provide robust and global platform to enable fast and easy processing for acquirers, payments service providers (PSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs).



Our REST API allows you to integrate instantly with the WLPG platform. Merchants can simply copy the code from our webpage and start testing. Our APIs can be used to authorize, capture, or refund a payment as well as to get information about previous transactions. The white label documentation will complement your service. All API’s follow the latest development framework helping speed up the merchant on-boarding.


WLPG Platform is implemented and audited according to the latest payment card security standards and is PCI DSS certified. Security policies, technologies and processes are enhanced on a continuous. Basis to ensure all sensitive data is secure against all emerging threats. So, we follow PCI DSS operational and technical requirements for storing, processing and transmitting cardholder data. So, our white label payment gateway solutions are very secure and user-friendly.


Boarding Manager, a WLPG platform module, is a solution for merchants’ on-boarding with the banks. By selecting a specific bank you will get tailor-made queries for the selected acquirer. All merchant data can be secured for sending application packages to multiple acquirers. Information needs to be filled in only once. The boarding manager is ensures a smooth on-boarding process allowing you to apply with multiple banks within minutes.


Our Platform is built to support your business wherever you are. We are integrated with vast number of international banks. Hence if you want to act as a local merchant providing services for your community or prepare to act globally for a large customer portfolio we have the expertise to cater your requirements. In the past we have completed a lot of custom developments for our clients in need of a special functionality or API to conquer within their segment. Even if we don’t have the right solution integrated right now, as long there is a business case it is easy to upgrade in no time.

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Platform is a robust and global White Label Payment Gateway to enable fast and easy processing for acquirers. Payments service providers (PSPs) and independent sales organizations (ISOs). Also, the platform, includes merchant API, documentation and merchant login sites, which can be fully rebrand to match your brand. The WLPG Platform enables 24x7x365 processing of multiple international payment methods and currencies in a secured PCI DSS Level 1 environment. Also, Efficient development suites, well documented web and mobile SDKs allow you to easily get your business start.


The white label PSP proposition enables WLPG’s customers to offer PSP services to merchants without having to make major investments into technical infrastructure or software development. That allows to solely focus on the interaction with their customers and prospects and other aspects of the business. So, the solution is a white label merchant back office combined with recently enhanced WLPG platform to support day-to-day operations of financial institutions.


Integrating payments into your software makes your application extremely attractive. But the doors to economic WLPG only swing open with the right payment gateway partner. One question many developers face is whether to white label their gateway integration or use a non-branded gateway in their software. First you may ask, what is a white label payment gateway? These gateways handle secure transaction processing like normal, but with the perk of letting you add your own brand name to the service. If you’re on the fence, here are some pros and cons to help you decide if this is the route you should take.


White Label Payment Gateway comes up with simple and secure payment processing solutions to assist you in launching an online payment gateway under your brand name. Opt for our white label payment gateway solutions either on lease or buy it. Moreover, we are also offering our white label payment gateway for reseller. We offer PCI DSS certification which secures cardholder data against data and information heist.


White Label Payment Gateway has developed an innovative and a complete white label capable payment management platform. It is entirely brand-able and technically resilient, making it suitable for companies of all sizes, from startups to multi-national corporations.

We try our level best, to deliver the merchant a user experience that is easy to use and secure to use in their everyday transaction needs. Take advantage of our unique white label gateway services which are exclusively tailor-made for your business needs. So, If you wish to process payments branded with your own corporate identity. But don’t want the hassle of dealing with various payment processing entities, developing a network for hosting and managing those payments. If you want to know about white label payment gateway price please feel free to contact us for more details.

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  • What is a white label payment gateway?

    A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway method which allows a company to provide payment processing services under its name. As per white-label payment gateway, companies can put their brand name on the product or service which has been developed by a third-party.

  • What is white label API?

    The white label API allows you to manage your users, web sites, and goals programmatically, without having to login to your account. You can use this to fully automate the management of your white label service from within your own web application, which will save your all sorts of time.

  • What is a white label agreement?

    The White Label concept involves one business providing goods or services which are then sold by another business under their own brand name. These arrangements can be quite complex, so it is important to make sure that you have a comprehensive White Label Agreement in place to solidify these deals.

  • What is white label services?

    White label branding is a manufacturing and marketing practice in which a product or service is produced by one company and then rebranded by another company to make it appear to be their own.

  • What is API used for?

    An application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Basically, an API specifies how software components should interact. Additionally, APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components.

  • Do I need to be PCI compliant if I use a payment gateway?

    No, if you use a payment gateway that takes all the PCI burden themselves. PCI compliance is required by credit card companies to make online transactions secure and protect them against identity theft. So any merchant that wants to process, store or transmit credit card data is required to be PCI compliant, according to the PCI Compliance Security Standard Council.

  • Is it profitable to be a white label payment processor?

    Absolutely Yes. If you are planning to launch your own payment gateway or E-wallet, This is the best way to start your payment processing firm. No need to invest millions of dollars for creating a technology payment processing platform, That you can white-label. You won’t need to invest in server, tech infrastructure, PCI-DSS lenience (Excluding if you are hosted on your own server), Banking Alliances and many more things.

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